Why You Should Attend the Council and Planning Board Meetings This Week

Don't forget to attend:

Monday, November 25, 8:00 pm - Planning Board Meeting (click here for the agenda)

Tuesday, November 26, 7:30 pm - Mayor & Council Meeting (click here for the agenda)

We know, we know, you are saying to yourself: give me one good reason I should attend. How about this reason:

Residents just voted NOT to develop Walker's Pond. Instead, the residents voted to maintain the entirety of the Walker's Pond property as open space. But remember, the wording of the referendum question did not require the Mayor and Council to follow the will of the people. As you may also recall, just before the election, other than Councilman Rees, Councilman Raymond (whose term ends December 31) and Council President Santomauro, the Mayor and other Council members would not commit to follow the will of the people on the referendum question. (Click here to watch). And on election night, one Council member stated that he did not consider the vote a mandate not to develop.

Make sure to attend the Planning Board meeting and the Mayor & Council meeting this week and tell our elected officials to follow the will of the people. The next five years in our town are all about what development will occur and how it will occur. Any development in our town can only occur through the Planning Board and the Mayor & Council. Let your voices be heard at these meetings.