Who Is Looking Out for Your Tax Dollars?

While Cedar Grove and Verona received concessions from developers to contribute to, or build, turf fields in their towns, North Caldwell did not receive the same concessions from Pulte and has not negotiated for similar concessions from the developer of the Green Brook County Club. No, rather than receive concessions from Pulte, the Borough was sued in federal court by Pulte for alleged civil rights violations and has actually had to fund its own storm water management study to deal with the fall-out from the North Caldwell Engineer’s failure to properly oversee the Pulte development. The North Caldwell Engineer, by the way, quietly retired in the midst of this major misstep. What is going on here? Is anyone looking out for your tax dollars?

Rather than looking out to protect your tax dollars, the Borough has quietly passed a resolution to exceed the state-wide 2% cap on property tax increases. The Council did not want the residents to know this and we only do because the Council finally published the meeting minutes for the meeting when they adopted this resolution. And this is the same Council that recently stuffed quarterly tax bill envelop with false claims like they have not raised your taxes. The Borough is clearly concerned about its revenue flow. This concern is more than understandable in light of the many missteps taken in the past few years.

Again, this is why we need independent republicans on the Council who will not just fall in line but will objectively scrutinize matters like this and who will watch out for your tax dollars. There are several development projects on the horizon, including the massive redevelopment of Green Brook Country Club, which proposes hundreds of new residential units. We need Council members who will push for reasonable concessions from developers to protect your tax dollars, like Cedar Grove did with K. Hovnanian (click here) and move away from the past missteps that have allowed Pulte and the Green Brook Country Club developer to push around North Caldwell at your expense.

Paid for by Floria-Callori and Roth for North Caldwell Council

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