Something to Consider for Our Schools

Did you know that the North Caldwell elementary schools welcomed 40 new students this year? While you might think that this influx of new students came from the various new housing developments in our town, including The Reserve at North Caldwell, this is not the case. Rather, the majority of these new students came from new, younger families moving to North Caldwell, replacing homeowners who no longer have children in our school system.

The arrival of new families to our North Caldwell community is a wonderful thing for various reasons, including adding new perspectives, increasing the diversity of backgrounds, and positively impacting our property values. These changing demographics and population increase, however, require that the Borough properly consider the impact upon classroom size and the potential need for school renovations and/or new construction, which would obviously affect our property taxes.

The West Essex Regional Schools could also potentially be affected by new families moving into the district. We understand West Essex class sizes have been reduced as of late, but Fairfield is experiencing an influx of new home starts, and the potential development at Greenbrook County Club would also increase the number of children dependent on West Essex Regional Schools. The impact of what is presently occurring throughout our district should be actively addressed.

Keeping North Caldwell’s schools top notch will result from a strong partnership between our Boards of Education, the Borough Council, and you, the community. We believe the Borough Council should prioritize discussions of potential solutions while there is still time to plan to ensure we have adequate resources to support the Boards of Education as they work to implement any necessary changes to our school facilities, staffing, and programs before a crisis situation arises. We are not aware of the current Council reaching out to the community to address this issue. Are they considering these demographic changes and the impact of new housing developments (many of which have not been completed or even started) upon our school system? These are the kinds of issues Anthony and Ted think about and will prioritize working to address for the future prosperity of North Caldwell.

Paid for by Floria-Callori and Roth for North Caldwell Council

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