Several Proposed Ordinances to be discussed at the February 25 Mayor & Council Meeting

Hello North Caldwell residents. Make sure you attend the February 25, 2020 Mayor & Council Meeting where several new proposed ordinances that will have significant impact on the future of our borough will be discussed. This is your opportunity to make your voices heard, particularly if you are opposed to any of the proposed new ordinances. To review the full agenda, click here.

Some of the key discussion items will be:

1. Public hearing to amend the local sign ordinance relating to political and religious signs in our residential areas.  Do you remember seeing an objectionable amount of signs during the last election cycle? Under the existing ordinance, residents are reasonably limited to two lawn signs per property. This simple ordinance, which prevents our town from being littered with too many signs on each residential property, was not properly enforced by our Borough Officials last fall even though they were required to do so. Based upon the interpretation of seminal Supreme Court decisions, the current ordinance is reasonable and constitutional and should be left as is (and the town should enforce it in the future). Rather than comply with the current ordinance, the Mayor & Council now want to change the ordinance to allow an unlimited number of political or religious signs to be placed upon each residential property.  Further, the language of the proposed ordinances removes existing side yard setback requirements for sign locations and allows your neighbor to place any of those countless signs up against your shared boundary line. Make your voice heard in opposition to this ordinance. Tell the Mayor & Council that our town should not be littered with political and religious signs (or too many of any signs for that matter). Tell the Mayor & Council that the current two sign per property ordinance currently in effect should not be altered. Read the proposed new ordinance here.

2. Introduction of an ordinance that will relate to the development of the Green Brook property.  This is the prelude to a later public hearing to discuss this critical proposal, which is scheduled for March 25, 2020 at 7:30 pm. Residents have seen how our Borough handled its last major development at Hilltop. Residents cannot sit on the sidelines for this new development and hope that it is handled correctly.

3. Introduction of an ordinance to exceed the annual 2% property tax increase cap (again). This proposal will also be discussed at a later public hearing on March 25, 2020 at 7:30 pm. This proposal cements the Council’s intention to, yet again, exceed the annual property tax cap limit and residents must turn out to oppose these efforts. There is already plenty of money in our budget. The Mayor and a number of Council members are taking a personal financial benefit at tax payer expense by having residents pay for their personal health insurance premiums. Residents must tell our governing officials "no" to their effort to exceed the 2% property tax cap.

4. Introduction of an ordinance relating to removal and destruction of trees.  This ordinance will also be discussed at the later hearing on March 25, 2020 at 7:30 pm. This ordinance proposal is the result of the desire and hard work of a handful of North Caldwell residents eager to protect our Borough. We thank them for dedicating their time to getting reasonable regulations relating to tree protection and removal in place, which is long overdue for our Borough.

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