Preserve Our Town's Character by Preserving Open Space

Many of you have asked, and everyone is entitled to know, “Do Anthony & Ted think we should vote 'yes' or 'no' to the referendum question on the ballot this year?" Anthony & Ted wrote about the current Mayor and Council’s failure to provide timely information about the referendum question in the August 18 blog post. Now that we have seen the final referendum question (you will find the ballot question below), watch Anthony & Ted’s opinion:



Shall the Borough of North Caldwell establish an Open Space Trust Fund which will be funded in the following manner for the following purposes:

A. An Open Space Trust Fund shall be funded through the collection of local property taxes in an amount of $0.015 per one hundred ($100.00) dollars of assessed value per year for a period not to exceed 15 years, unless a proposition extending the same is approved by the voters.

B. These funds shall be designated for the acquisition costs incurred, restoration and preservation of the entirety of the 17 acres of Borough-owned land at 400 Mountain Avenue, Block 606, Lot 1 (a. k. a. Walker's Property and Pond) as open space and to restore Walker's Pond and keep said land in its natural state and/or for recreational use and/or prevent the sale of five (5) one-acre building lots on the site.

Paid for by Floria-Callori and Roth for North Caldwell Council

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