North Caldwell Now - YouTube Channel Premiere with the 11.26.19 Mayor & Council Meeting

11-26-19 North Caldwell Mayor & Council Meeting brought to you by North Caldwell Now

Video Table of Contents:

Opening Items (Agenda Items 1-4) (minutes 0:00 - 1:35)

1. Call to Order by Mayor

2. Open Public Meeting Notice

3. Roll Call of Governing Body Members

4. Pledge of Allegiance - Mayor's Report (Agenda Item 5) (minutes 1:35-5:00) -

Citizens to be Heard (Agenda Item 6) (minutes 5:00-36:50)

1. Paul Scagnelli (minutes 5:00-13:50) - questions to the Council on the status of the promised drainage report; questions to the Council on developer Pulte Homes

2. Bernard Doyle (minutes 13:50-15:40) - questions on water issues

3. Anthony Floria-Callori (minutes 15:40-19:30) - proposal for a new tree ordinance

4. Bernard Doyle (minutes 19:30-21:00) - questions on water issues

5. John Zurlow (minutes 21:00-36:50) - questions on past engineering reports and public perception of delay by Council in distributing the drainage report

Approval of Minutes (Agenda Items 7, 8, and 9) (minutes 36:50-1:03:15)

1. Minutes approval (minutes 36:50--38:00)

2. Committee Reports (minutes 38:00-1:03:15)

A. Legal and Ordinance (minutes 38:00-40:30)

B. Personnel and Administration (minutes 40:30-40:45)

C. Finance (minutes 40:45-42:55)

D. Public Safety (minutes 42:55-55:10)

E. Public Works (minutes 55:10-58:50)

F. Recreation (minutes (58:50-1:03:15)

3. Executive Session (1:03:15-1:03:55)

Adjournment of Meeting (1:03:55-end)


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