North Caldwell Must Implement a Vetting Process for the Award of No-Bid Professional Contracts

Click here to read our Letter to the Editor in The Progress 1/3/20 titled

The Need to Pause Professional Re-appointments in North Caldwell in Light of its Former Prosecutor Being Charged in the Attorney General's Corruption Investigation

After the December 19, 2019 national and statewide coverage of five New Jersey politicians - including former North Caldwell Prosecutor John Cesaro - who were charged with public corruption, every resident of North Caldwell should want to know how our Borough selects its professionals each year. Watch the December 17, 2019 Mayor and Council meeting (below at minute 34:50) and judge for yourself whether our Borough's process ensures that we are selecting professionals in the best interests of the taxpayers.

12-17-19 North Caldwell Mayor & Council Meeting


1.-5. Opening Items (minutes 0:00-21:55)

6. Citizens to be Heard:

  • Paul Scagnelli: (minutes 21:55-34:50) commenting on the drainage study and development

  • Anthony M. Rainone: (minutes 34:50-52:35) questioning the process on professional selection in North Caldwell

  • Anthony Floria-Callori: (minutes 55:10-1:03:25) needing an update on the proposed tree ordinance

  • John Zurlo: (minutes 1:03:25-1:13:35) questions about minutes, water and icing issues

7.-11 Approval of Minutes, Items for Discussion, Committee Reports, Executive Session, and Adjournment (1:16:30-2:20:33)