North Caldwell Drops to #46 from #3 on New Jersey Monthly’s Ranking of “Best Places to Live”

We love North Caldwell and believe we have the right set of skills and ideas to elevate the town’s desirability in the eyes of prospective homeowners and make it better for those of us who have already invested in North Caldwell and chosen to make it our home. But to paraphrase Bill Parcells, you are what your numbers say you are. By that we refer to the newly released "Best Places to Live" list from New Jersey Monthly. North Caldwell is #46. This is the publication that ranked North Caldwell #3 back in 2013, a ranking the Borough frequently touts and, until recently, emphasized on its website.

Most striking about the significant drop in our town’s ranking is that the methodology used by New Jersey Monthly in 2013 and 2019 is almost the same. You can check out the methodology for yourself here. The five categories used by New Jersey Monthly in both 2013 and 2019 are:

1. home values;

2. property taxes;

3. crime rate;

4. school performance; and

5. lifestyle factor.

In other words, our ranking did not drop because of a change in methodology, but from poorer performance on essentially the same set of factors over the time period the current Mayor and Council was in power.

Here is how we compare to some of our neighbors in the current ranking:

12. Fairfield

14. Roseland

29. Verona

33. Essex Fells

38. Caldwell (also made NJ Monthly list of "16 Small Towns We Love")

46. North Caldwell

51. West Caldwell

70. Cedar Grove

Anthony and Ted want the Borough to flourish for the individual homeowner. The drop in ranking is disheartening to all of us who love North Caldwell and want it to be a sought-after place to live. We believe catering to developers without receiving visible concessions for our infrastructure and emergency services is depleting our home values.

Residents who are suffering from the drainage crisis have had to spend their own money to fix a Borough-wide problem. Anthony and Ted believe those residents will not recoup those costs when they sell their homes. The solution is new leadership, spearheaded by Anthony and Ted. We hope you agree and will give us the chance to lead by voting for us on November 5!

Paid for by Floria-Callori and Roth for North Caldwell Council

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