It's NOW (or never) For Meaningful Citizen Impact on the Development of GBCC

Make sure to attend the next Planning Board meeting and tell the members to reject proposed ordinance 0-8-2020 that would rezone the area covering Green Brook Country Club. Here are the details and agenda to join: Planning Board Meeting

Monday, July 20, 2020 at 8:00 pm Video: iPhone one-tap : US: 1(470)8692200, 1495175826# Telephone: (470) 869-2200 Meeting ID: 149 517 5826 Agenda

Not at all unlike the development by Pulte of the Reserve at Hilltop, North Caldwell residents stand to suffer tremendous consequences if the future development of Green Brook Country Club is mismanaged. While the Fair Share Housing Component of Green Brook Country Club site is well settled, CRITICAL components of the development site have yet to be decided. Items related to the structural development of the site including, but not limited to, impervious coverage, access and traffic patterns, stormwater management, building height, and the placement of a to be dedicated municipal site, still are VERY much undecided. On Monday, July 20th, the Planning Board will consider a zoning ordinance proposed by the Mayor & Council concerning the Green Brook Site. At the most recent Planning Board meeting, several members of the Board voiced objections to the proposed zoning revisions. Two members in particular noted that the proposed revisions are completely inconsistent with the Master Plan (The broad document governing current and future Land Use and Zoning in our Borough). We commend the several members of the Planning Board who voiced their objections and encourage every citizen to listen to the audio recording of the meeting. Pay particular attention to the exchange starting at 1:16:00 where several Planning Board members voice their objections to the process and a proposed ordinance that is inconsistent with the Master Plan. Click here to listen. Further, although the agenda has yet to be posted to the Borough website, the Mayor and Council will vote on the final passage of this ordinance the following day, Tuesday, July 21st, at 5:00 pm. Notably, this type of meeting normally occurs at 7:30 pm yet today, the Mayor & Council posted that they have moved the normal start time of their meeting up to 5:00 pm. Click here for the meeting information. Those who lament the plight of the Hilltop site and wish they had an opportunity to go back and participate from the beginning have an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the Green Brook Site NOW. Do not be shut out of the ability to shape the future face of this great Borough.

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