Get to the August 13 Council Meeting to stop the Council from sinking us into more debt!

On July 29, 2019, our Council had a "special meeting" to authorize a new bond ordinance to take on nearly $250,000 in new debt for ordinary building maintenance expenses that a fiscally responsible local government should have the funds to pay for out of the existing tax revenues from the town. Click here to read the agenda from the special meeting on July 29, 2019.

There will be another "special meeting" on August 13, 2019 where the Council will presumably be voting to adopt the new debt ordinance. The scheduling of that meeting is conspicuously during a summer month in which the Council should know most residents are not in town, instead being away enjoying the last few weeks of summer.

According to the Council's July 29 special meeting agenda, the Council is seeking to take on debt to pay for ordinary building maintenance items at the town buildings. But the money already exists to pay for these items, making the need to burden the residents with new debt and kicking the can down the road for later years unnecessary. For example, the Council, for at least the past five years, has approved annual budgets that included over $250,000 (approximately $50,000 annually) for health insurance for three members of the Mayor and Council (as well as their spouses and/or dependents). In other words, the Council has continually approved a direct financial benefit for three members of the Mayor and Council in nearly the exact amount they now seek to bond as new debt. Public servants on a municipal level should not be getting a financial benefit at all - let alone when they believe we do not even have the funds to pay for basic maintenance items for our Borough.

All residents should turn out at the 6:30 pm, August 13, 2019 Council meeting and demand that the Council reject the proposed bond ordinance, that our tax dollars be used to pay for ordinary maintenance items, and that the Council commit to no new unnecessary bonded debt for the town.

If you cannot attend the meeting, Anthony and Ted will be at the meeting to voice your objections. Just email us at, including your name and street address, and tell Anthony and Ted to include your email in the record of their testimony at the August 13, 2019 meeting. Make clear in your email that you are against new debt for the Borough and support ending the financial benefit the three members of the Mayor and Council have been providing themselves.

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