Another Promise Delivered by Anthony & Ted!

For those who were able to attend the August 13, 2019 Council meeting, you saw candidate Ted Roth vigorously advocate for the Borough to issue a stop work order for the ongoing work at Hilltop. Ted's career in development of large-scale construction projects in New York City makes him uniquely qualified to, both as to this project and the ultimate development of the Greenbrook Country Club site, lead our Borough on the proper handling of these types of projects. Not to be outdone, Anthony Floria-Callori counts a growing number of powerful municipal redevelopers as clients of his title agency. Anthony routinely assists in bringing complex issues between municipalities and land developers to practical solutions palatable to both.

As many residents are aware, the development at the Hilltop site has not been executed in accordance with the terms of the Developer’s Agreement and, as many people in town reasonable believe, has caused a tremendous amount of property damage in various neighborhoods in town. Despite problems from the beginning of the construction process, the Borough previously failed to take serious action to compel the developer (Pulte Homes) into compliance. Long before declaring his run for Council this November, Ted had offered his years of professional developer experience to our current Mayor and Council – none of whom are construction developers. Unfortunately, the Mayor and Council never had the good sense to listen to one of the Borough’s own residents who is an expert in this field. Instead, the Borough just let the project continue to progress despite clear violations of the Developer’s Agreement, with no legitimate intention to require compliance by the developer.

Ted's fervent testimony at the August Council meeting – coupled with the impassioned testimony of a growing number of residents directly affected by the development's problems – prompted the Borough to finally issue a stop work order on August 19. Read about the stop work order that our candidates were instrumental in getting the Borough to issue.

It is this kind of effective advocacy Ted and Anthony bring to our town and why they will make excellent additions to the Council. It is unacceptable to let North Caldwell's government remain functioning in the unchecked manner in which it has for too many years.

We NEED each and every resident to get to the polls on November 5 and bring about the change we desperately deserve. A vote for Anthony and Ted is a vote for productive change – a vote against them is letting North Caldwell government remain as it is – a body that does not prioritize resident involvement and input but, rather, promulgates the agenda of a select group of people who prefer to operate mainly behind closed doors.

Finally, as many of you know, one of the areas to which Anthony gives his volunteer time is the North Caldwell Recreation Foundation's Annual Color Run. This is a great event and an important fundraiser for the non-profit organization. If you have not registered already for the September 7 event, please consider doing so. Click here to register and read about the event.

Paid for by Floria-Callori and Roth for North Caldwell Council

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